We told you

We told you like someone reasonable: come on, don’t start with us. You won’t win. We counseled you: arrange with us as others did before you, who also seemed to be able to do it. They couldn’t do it. And we told them that with an open code. Then we showed examples. Then we were running lubrication campaigns, that is, we smeared how much it got. You didn’t want to listen to good advice. After the first serious warning, we reminded you of your story with the girls. You have ignored a message that we are not even sure has reached you. You know, you denied everything. But that’s not the point; boy, it was just such a screech.

A more serious warning came from your whistleblower, who also seemed to have used a separate phone number to make each call. Neither you nor him thought anything?

That’s why we had to go from a thicker pipe. The story of the Kafkaesque performance in the congress theatre, after all, was just another scene. For a moment, it seemed to us that something had reached you. Hence our withdrawal to pre-planed positions. We’ve given you some time to reconsider. You could say we reached out to all of our resources, no member of congress without skipping.

You probably remember those in-fact conversations with Yak, Pipe and Celebrajk. They explained to you: you will forgive a little here and there you will tell yourself about successes the way you want. After all, this is not your money and you could calmly give us this pair of melons for new shoes. But you didn’t want to. You were hardened and what incon com no new shoes you didn’t want to choose. Boy, you don’t understand anything in life because you live in a different world.

Meanwhile, our boys and brave girls also, of course, all in the right order, must-have new shoes so they can kick you in the a..! You didn’t give it up, and they made new shoes anyway. You didn’t even know how we got it done… hmm, went smoothly so-called stimulus.

Finally, the last act. You knew, back in February last year, that you were finished. We’ve learned some new ways to cast votes, giving ourselves an edge forever. And you didn’t even nod your finger to stop us. Then you might have achieved something. This may seem like naïvy people who follow you with some rags, they are afraid to talk about what always works. Your appeals to congressional “supporters” have come under a vacuum. Didn’t you know it was over then? Also something you thought?!

And Julian and his helper, so effective that even one of their lawsuits did not start. Has this also gone to your attention?

You gave to our greatest tormentor Jack C. from the disgraced. Not such things happened, but he is sensitive and very experienced in it. Maybe if you did it elsewhere, but it was then that his colleagues and especially friends, of whom he has so many, immediately took the opportunity. The boy can not gather to this day! He goes to a psychiatrist, he is treated. He is very ambitious.

In the end, it happened as you know what happened and why. But you can not say that no one warned you. And it’s not about any nose mess. Every second one does this and nothing happens to him. You knew it yourself, you watched it every day. You won’t say you didn’t know which river you were entering. The current has kidnapped you? And yet it is the same river, although different water in it. And so what? The point is that you started messing with us. That was the mistake. We need to work together.

You could then mess your nose even more and Hollywood would immediately make a movie about it, celebrities would outdo each other in bidding, no one would cut your person out of a few films or put out neon lights on your buildings (by the way: repaid or still as if under audit?). And it could be so beautiful. You would have publicity for free. Every day in the newspapers on the front page, glory in the media, and approval in space. But you have chosen a different path, thus disregarding such an offer of life and survival. It is a pity that your temperament did not allow you to think about the Family. With so many beautiful and enlightened providers of joy around you, you have not seen their potential, their needs, nor their loyalty. Your Family is your rocket fuel.

We wish you a successful trip to GNN, the Galaxy of New Hope. And let’s go there without the “G”, and only NN…


Tracy Pycy 1/19/2021