Visit to “Mars” – Cheltenham Badlands, Ontario – Canada

Caledon Badlands Ontario Canada

Throughout the world, this type of landscape is known as the badlands where clay rich soils have been severely eroded by wind and water. Badlands can be found in various places around the world however they are truly unique in this part of the world as they are surrounded by forests, farmland of mostly flat terrain, and are nothing like 99% of Ontario.

Upon arrival, be prepared to be amazed by the uniqueness of the terrain. This is like nothing you have seen before. The rich red color of the hills and gullies, mixed with greenish-gray bands creates an impression of being on Mars.

Besides the amazing red color, the surrounding forest along with the blue sky, provide magnificent contrast that catches the attention of everyone passing beside the site.

For those who travel to Niagara Falls, this can be a great getaway. The Cheltenham badlands are located on the Caledon Hills approximately an hour and a half drive from Niagara Falls. They can be found driving the Olde Baseline Read north of the town Cheltenham. See google map.

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By Tomasz Cop

Ontario Canada - Badlands

Badlands - Caledon Hills

 Cheltenham Badlands

Photos by Tomasz Cop. All rights reserved.