The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are Becoming Ice Hockey War… Next Stop ‚Windy City’


 CHICAGO–  The series may go to seven games.  The Boston Bruins will be rested despite their 6-5 overtime loss to the Chicago BlackHawiks in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals.

 So it is back to Chicago for Game 5 Saturday as both teams look forward.  The best-of-seven series has become a best-of-three.

 The Bruins were able stop the relentless Chicago offensive attacks in winning Games 2 and 3.  „You move on. It’s one loss.  We’ve got two wins, we’ve got two losses,” Boston coach Claude Julien said Thursday after an optional skate following a video session.  „It’s about preparing for the next game, and our mood is fine.”

 „Who wouldn’t be happy to be in the Stanley Cup finals?  You’ve got to remember where we are and what’s at stake here, and certainly not hang your head over a loss, he added.”

 Ratings for the first four games of the series between the Chicago and Boston show the NBC telecasts are the most-watched Stanley Cup final since The Nielsen Company began tracking the broadcasts in 1994.  Meanwhile, the NBC broadcasting team — Mike „Doc” Emrick and Eddie Olczyk — whose expertise make it easy for relatively new hockey viewers to understand, will call the action.  The duo do not neglect the game’s finer points.  This is joy for devotees who are applauding an Original Six finals.

Saturday Boston at Chicago 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC