The Chicago Table Tennis League


Excitement grows in the table tennis community of the Chicago area as the Chicago Table Tennis League launched it’s first season On November 3, 2015.

Edgeball Table Tennis Corporation’s second installment in promoting the growth of the sport of table tennis kicked off to a successful start.

With seven business owned professional teams and four club teams, the league is played in eight different locations.
League President and co-founder Zmiegniew Jablonski’s efforts in creating this league has paid off.

Left to Right: League President Zmiegniew Jablonski, Referee Wojciech Wolski, Edgeball Table Tennis Corp CEO Engelbert Solis

More teams participated than expected so the league had to be broken off to two separate leagues.
Team matches will be played for 18 weeks and will be followed by the playoffs with three teams from each league qualifying for the playoffs. Each team playing another twice, one at home and one an away game. Then inter-league matches will be played at the middle of the season between the two leagues.
Top team gets $1,500 in prizes including the beautiful Edgeball Cup, 2nd place gets $1,000 and third $500.
Many more players wanted to join but the size has grown so much that the league is not able to accommodate them.

The second season will be expanded to include three divisions of ten teams for each division to accommodate different skill levels.

The League has set a high standard requiring each venue to provide the best possible playing conditions and each team wearing team uniforms.
For the first three weeks of competitions, onlookers are impressed with the level of competition, the organization and level of professionalism displayed.


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