The Bishop Gallery Launches New Exhibition Highlighting the Influences Between Music and Visual Arts


NEW YORK, March 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On April 8th, The Bishop Gallery will launch a new exhibition, The Jazz in Art highlighting the relationship between music and the visual arts. With nearly 20 pieces from a diverse group of artists, ranging from renowned jazz musicians to musically influenced, emerging and established artists and a master painter, the exhibition is a representation of various artists and how they are influenced by not just music, but specifically one of America’s original art forms – Jazz.

The Jazz in Art features legendary jazz trombonist and painter Dick Griffin whose music career spans over 40 years and consist of working with luminaries such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Tito Puente, just to name a few. “When you hear me play, what I put out there is what I’ve experienced; and when I paint, I put the same thing on canvas-in a different way,” said Griffin. These sentiments are evident in Round Midnight in Bright Mississippi (60x48in, 2012), a painting dedicated to the great Thelonious Monk, whom Griffin has also had the pleasure to work with. Round Midnight, is a vibrant, abstract piece of work with jazzy brush strokes that in-advertently outline a bold but subtle, capital T. The exhibition will also showcase the release of Griffin’s new album – Homage to SunRa.

Also featured in The Jazz in Art exhibition are works from accomplished artist and illustrator Maria Dominguez. With over 30 years in the art industry, Dominguez has received numerous awards and has permanent public works in New York City, but it was her passion for Jazz that influenced her best selling series Hot House. Featured in the exhibition is one of the few remaining pieces from her Hot House series, titled Sassy Diva (36x48in, 2008). Sassy Diva consist of deep contrasting colors where musicians are immersed in colorful spotlights and their changing facial gestures are captured, depicting either pain or pleasure as they attempt to reach a particular note.

A special edition to the exhibition is master painter Samuel Adoquei’s Rodney (72×40, 1995). This timeless piece of his friend Rodney, standing tall with one arm resting on a borrowed guitar, captures the poetic struggles between an aspiring musician and his realities.

Other notable participants in The Jazz in Art exhibition include:
– Juan Carlos Pinto, painter and mosaic specialist (widely known for his Metrocard mosaics)
– Abstract emerging artists, Delilah Benitez and Tariq Tucker. 
– And legendary photographer, Hugh Bell’s limited edition, Between the Rain Drops photography book. The photographer’s work is currently on display at Harvard University’s Cooper Gallery

“Some of the more beautiful paintings I’ve seen have been influenced by music, especially Jazz music, there’s an intriguing chemistry that exist between the music genre and visual artists, that seems to translate into beautiful works of art,” said Erwin John, Co-Owner, The Bishop Gallery.

The Jazz in Art exhibition is presented with Rise Sport Entertainment and is on display from April 8th through April 29. To learn more about The Bishop Gallery’s latest exhibition, please follow @bishoponbedford on Instagram or visit:

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