Swiss Documentary Focuses on Florida Seniors and The Palace Coral Gables

World Premiere – KINGDOM, OCT 6 – 7 PM Red Carpet at The Palace

OCT 6, 2018, CORAL GABLES, Fla.—In 2015, Swiss documentary film maker Beat Oswald scoped out five Florida senior living communities for the best location for his film, which would depict to European audiences how U.S. seniors live in their later years.

The Palace Coral Gables – the luxury active retirement community – was his choice and now three years later, the film KINGDOM, will premiere Oct. 6 at The Palace.

An interview with Beat reveals his insights about the film, which involved 12 weeks of filming.

Why did you select South Florida and The Palace Coral Gables?

The residents at The Palace like to have fun which meant they were the most outgoing and would be comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, the interior design of the community offered a visually exciting background.  It’s marble and gold with a lot of paintings which allowed the cameraman to have fun.  There was always something going on and we didn’t have to look for activities to film; we had to just select something to focus on. 

 What did you want to show in the film?

Since we don’t have these types of communities in Switzerland, I wanted to show the audience how The Palace is organized and what is necessary to run a successful senior living community. Showing the social dynamics of the building and what happens when so many seniors are living under one roof and sharing a great part of their life together was important.  I was interested in their personalities and wanted viewers to get to know the people who live there.

You featured many of the residents in interviews.  What did you want to learn about them?

We always interviewed the residents in their apartments where they would be surrounded by their own belongings which would also tell their story.  We tried to focus on the subject of aging and their feelings about their life, but we wanted these interviews to be conversations rather than interviews. 

Does the film make any personal statements to you?

My son was born during the point of my life that I began thinking of my future and what it would hold in my later years.  Meeting these people gave me a different perspective. I don’t know if our retirement in Europe will be similar to what is available to the people we featured her at The Palace. 

Are you happy with the results?

The documentary observes everyday life in an extraordinary, lively and luxurious senior living community in America. The Palace has been voted the number one senior living community in the United States for several years.  It’s a one-of-a-kind true kingdom for people who are looking for non-stop entertainment, glamour and fun; thus the name of the film, “Kingdom”. But even the fanciest parties, the sparkling interiors and the finest buffets cannot disguise the daily struggles of aging. On the whole, the staff and the residents of The Palace try their best to turn this difficult phase of life into a beautiful one. 

Background of Beat Oswald

Prior to directing and producing “Kingdom”, Beat was the co-director on a documentary called, “Der Weisse Horizont” (The White Horizon) which was completed in 2010. It depicts the story of an old adventurer spending his retirement in the harsh environment of Greenland.  In addition to the documentaries, he works for companies producing and directing corporate films and commercials. 

About The Palace Coral Gables

The Palace Coral Gables is located at One Andalusia Avenue in the heart of Coral Gables.  For more information about community or to schedule a tour, please call (305) 445-7444 or visit