See Polish-American Actress Anna Lakomy in “Vamp” at the Big Apple Film Festival on November 10


New York, New York, November 10, 2013 – Polish-American Actress Anna Lakomy will be attending the 10th annual Big Apple Film Festival in NYC where “Vamp,” a comedic short she has a supporting role in will be screening.

The Big Apple Film Festival screens a variety of specially selected films from the NYC independent film community, as well as additional selections across the country and across the world. The festival also includes interactive panel discussions, networking parties and events, as well as a closing night awards ceremony in which awards will be presented for achievement in filmmaking, screenwriting and acting.

Actress Anna Lakomy will be attending this year’s Big Apple Film Fest on November 10th for the screening of “Vamp,” a comedic short she worked on last year. The film is about a slacker who believes he has witnessed a vampire attack and is now convinced his buddy’s girlfriend is the culprit. It has been previously screened at the Coney Island Film Festival and the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas. Lakomy plays the news anchor that relates the breaking news throughout the short.  

Producer of “Vamp,” Joe DeAngelo, said of Lakomy: “From the moment Anna auditioned, I knew I wanted her in the film. She had presence and owned the room when she walked in. Her confidence made the audition perfect and made her quite memorable.”

 About her performance, DeAngelo adds, “Anna gave us exactly what we needed in the news anchor role. She looked and delivered the ‘news’ in a professional manner and was subtly funny at the same time.”

Lakomy was born to Polish parents in NYC and is very active in the Polish community. She attended the “fame” high school in Manhattan and started pursuing acting professionally last year. Most recently she worked on “Welcome to New York” (dir. Abel Ferrara) opposite Gerard Depardieu and Ronald Guttman.

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