Quigley Condemns Ukrainian Violence and Calls for Targeted Sanctions


“The United States cannot stand idly by as the people of Ukraine are brutalized at the hands of their own government during this fight for democracy and basic human rights. I strongly urge the Obama Administration to take immediate action and impose targeted sanctions on the Ukrainian officials responsible for authorizing continued violence against the protestors. As Congressional action is needed, I am working with my colleagues to support the people of Ukraine and do whatever is necessary to help end the bloodshed.”

Last week, the House overwhelmingly passed House Resolution 447, a bill sponsored by Rep. Quigley to support the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian

people, condemn the use of violence against the protestors in Kyiv and urge the consideration of targeted financial and travel sanctions.

Rep. Quigley is a member of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus and represents a thriving Ukrainian population in Illinois’ 5th Congressional District. He recently spoke out against the violence during a meeting of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America Illinois Division and has met with Ukrainian officials to address concerns voiced by the local Ukrainian community.