Protesters gather at President Obama’s home calling for sanctions against Ukrainian Government.


Ukrainian-Americans in Chicago and across the country have been working to bring the events in Ukraine to the attention of their fellow Americans.

Attempts by the government to shut down internet access in Ukraine have left demonstrators without the ability to tell the world what is happening. “We’re here to tell their stories because they cannot” said Myra Dutko, one of the
protesters at the event.

Though cold temperatures and snow made the event difficult, protesters were not deterred and continued to urge President Obama with chants and signs to keep Ukraine from falling under Russian control and instead, join the
countries in the European Union.

In Ukraine, protesters have been enduring frigid temperatures and police brutality as they call on President Yanukovych to sign the association agreement–an agreement which could be viewed as the first step toward
Ukraine becoming a member of the EU, and to encourage a more participatory democratic process free of Russian influence.

Talks regarding the ratification of the proposed association agreement between the EU and Ukraine have halted due to Ukrainian President Yanukovych’s attempts to keep the country from developing a relationship with the EU–a
move which may threaten Ukraine’s economic dependency on Russia.

Now, police and protesters are clashing on the streets of not just Kyiv, but throughout the entire country. Reports of government special forces kidnapping and torturing protesters and targeting journalists in an attempt to keep the
information from leaving the country.