I do love you love you love you 


from the bottom of my heart
You bring joy to the children
You bring joy to the world.

There are moments in my life
when the joy is half-way dead
There are moments moments
when the day is truly sad.

You give back those precious pearls
to be shared, to be known
You make words of wisdom sparkle
in their hearts, in our heads.

I will love you love you love you
from the bottom of my heart
I will tell you tell you tell you
every time it lights a spark.

Joanna Schier

Adam Mickiewicz-1839 tr. Joanna Schier

Spin love, like a silk worm spins its silky thread,
pour it from the heart, like a source pours water
from the inside,
unroll it like a golden sheet, cast from
a grain of gold; let it inward, like the
underground source, blow it upward, like wind’s blowing,
plant it on the Earth, like the wheat is planted,
nurture it, like mother nurtures children.

Thence will first your power be like nature’s power,
and then will your power be like the power of the elements,
and then will it he like the power of creation,
and then like people’s, after that like angels’

and then – like the power of the Lord of creation.