Poles Love Peonies


 Singles, couples, and kids all found fun. 


The collection of new-borns was heart-warming: Peter and Agnes Dykas brought their baby, Peter Wierzchon and wife Teresa Domszy brought theirs, (and Teresa has another on the way.)  Most amazingly Anna Klocek came full of energy and showing off her new addition, just ten days after birth!

Anna was greeted warmly by Consul Lucyna Jaremczuk, whom some might know is Poland‚s Economic Consul here in Chicago.  Older children were there having fun, too (see photos.)  Parents love this venue – a secure fence keeps the kids in, and running around the garden keeps the kids busy. 

The food and libations seemed to manage themselves, but actually Stan Wilk and Krystyna Teller were quietly delivering the steady supply of snacks and barbeque. Eventually, the theme of the evening, „pick your own peonies” commenced: snips and buckets were distributed to interested participants who disappeared into the bushes and re-emerged with creative bouquets.

Being near summer solstice, it was one of the longest days of the year; the sunny daylight lasted and the evening lingered, but eventually came the time to light the tiki-torches and switch into mellow mode. Hot tea and sweet-cakes were served.  The sweet-cakes were brought by Dobroslawa Hawryszczuk-Bielinski, who has the „Delightful Pastries” bakery that’s been in the news lately. Radio hostess Malgorzata Ptaszynska and friend Chris made a point of staying for the tea ceremony. 

Barb Gasior brought her talents as a photographer, organizing some fun group shots. Gosia Sarata graciously posed among the petals. Tiki-torches were prepared by Bradley Slavik, and fresh mint came straight from the garden of Vyto Baleska. The fresh mint inspired Joanna Nastal and friend Kinga to prepare „mohitos” for everybody.

Mathematician Marek Pietrzyk mellowed out, while wife Wanda kept the conversation lively.  Conrad Miczko was the exemplar of comfort and style for the outdoor evening.  Andy Chudzinski and wife Kasia, Chuck Wilk and wife Cathy, Maciej Labowicz, Alina Mikolajczyk with her 2 kids (Anita and Michael); Marzena Oberski and Ania Grochowska, JCYC members; Marta Rog, PACBA Vice president; Dorotka, owner of DE MARE Fashion and Spa, and many others made the evening a success.

Alexander Danel,



Photo: Joanna Nastal