Poland the Moral Leader of the European Union

Currently Poland is under a constant barrage of economic and political duress directed by former leader Tusk and orchestrated by non-elected Brussels European Union bureaucrats. A few examples should suffice. There is an infestation in the beautiful Biala Wieza millennial old European ancient forest. Polish botanists and conservationists have determined that culling the dying wood might be the best option to prevent further destruction of this national heritage. In comes the intellectually twisted outsiders who wish to dictate Polish sovereign policy because it does not fit the liberal progressive mantra of Tusk and his out of power colleagues.

Bison bonasus (European bison), herd, Bialowieski National Park, Bialowieza primary forest, Poland. Project number: PL0008. Project number: 9E0154

For decades Russian dominated policies bankrupted Poland and prevented it from modernizing. Former communists and others have dominated the courts, the media, and many of the government offices. Gratefully 37% of Poles understand that current leadership wishes to purge this dead weight. By replacing them with moderate Poles in line with the current nation focused policies, this would improve financial stability and increase forward movement. Tusk and others have staged public rallies and protests much like the Soros funded anti-Trump events that ceased when Soros stopped paying the protesters in the U.S. One wonders who was footing the bill for the Polish protests against cleaning up the mess left by decades of corruption and inefficiency.                                                                   

Migration of Muslim immigrants has failed in each of the European Union nations. Poland is one of the few E.U. countries without terrorist incidents. Why? Poland restricted Middle Eastern immigration to Christian persons. For 500 years Poles fought the Ottoman Turkish Muslim Empire losing tens of thousands of Polish citizens and millions of US dollars. Currently many E.U. nations have to restrict public events because of sexual assaults of women. Many E.U. nations have sections of their cities where Shariya law takes precedence over E.U. control. A third of some French, German and Italian cities are Muslim immigrants. Poland is wise to continue to pursue the policies of central Europe and continue restricting Muslim immigration.        

The European Union is threatening empty sanctions and heavy handed intrusion into the national sovereignty of Poland. The failure of globalization and intercultural mixing is evident in the loss of wages and income to the middle class with the growing disenfranchisement of the voter and the citizen worker. This is why Great Britain chose to leave the European Union. When open borders quadrupled immigration so much so that British culture, geography, history, and language were changing to something foreign to the native English. The British voters said, “It’s time to get out.” When American middle class voting workers saw income stagnate for twenty years with thousands of factories closing and millions of jobs exiting the country because of NAFTA and WTO, and citizens watched as corporations bought both the US House and US Senate as well as the last four US Presidents, they voted for an independent president to clean up the mess.    

Poland will survive these existential threats from the European Union. Pope John Paul II in his final address on holy Polish soil in Krakow said that Poland needed to be the moral compass leading the newly formed European Union. As I watched nearby as his jet fly back to Rome that day, I reflected on how grateful I felt that such a wise and insightful saint took the time to remind Poles that the old saying, “God, country, family and honor” are still central in life. Poland will continue to lead economically as it joins the top 40 world economies. Its military will continue to be central in the NATO defense from Russian, China, North Korea and Iran, what George Bush called the “axis of evil.” Poland eventually will develop an electronic industry to match its growing manufacturing sector. Polish schools and universities will continue modernizing and improving their curricula and faculty to rejoin the ranks of the elite thinkers in the world. Polish arts and culture are thriving as evidenced by the British royal visit to dedicate the new Shakespeare Theater in Gdansk. And Poland will cling to the traditional values that helped it sustain itself through good times and bad. Just like in Henryk Sienkiewicz’s trilogy and Taddeusz Mickiewicz’s books, Poles find fascinating ways to combat evil and live productive lives.

Robert John Zagar PhD MPH and Agata Karolina Szkotak Zagar MBA