Perspectives of Poland

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Perspectives of Poland

A panel discussion featuring Jaroslaw Garlinski, Bozena Nowicka McLees, and Paulina Duda, Ph.D., moderated by Marian Kornilowicz, Esq.

Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022, 12 PM ET

This seminar discusses issues that Poles, whether living in Poland or elsewhere, face on occasion. The panel will share their thoughts on what does it mean to be Polish or have a Polish identity? In short, what makes us Polish? Is it language, is it shared values, is it ancestry?


Do Poles who were born and live in Poland see themselves and the world differently than Poles who were born in Poland but no longer live there or Poles who were born and live outside Poland? How would members of each group answer the following:


  • Are Poles disappointed that Poland does not play a greater role in the world? Is their disappointment justified? Do Poles in fact have a realistic view of Poland’s place in the world?

  • How are Poland and the Poles viewed by others? How does the non-Polish world engage with Poland? Are there differences in how Poles and Poland are viewed by others depending on location? For example, what are the differences in British and American attitudes toward Poles?

  • Do Poland and the Poles suffer from a ‘bad press’ internationally? Do they ever experience any kind of discrimination?

How does all this play into teaching the Polish language, literature, and culture? Are there comparatively fewer centers of Polish studies than centers of Spanish, French, or German studies based on the number of speakers? How can interest in Polish studies be increased? An influencer? The Witcher?


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The discussion is part of the Studying Poland Today talk series presented jointly by the Kosciuszko Foundation and the Project on Poland Past, and Present, the initiative started by Prof. Norman Davies. The purpose of the series is to raise general and expert knowledge about Poland in foreign countries and, in particular, to strengthen Polish Studies in the universities of the English-speaking world.


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