Natzi German Camps


Grave monument to Ulma family : sourceózef_and_Wiktoria_Ulma#/media/File:Markowa_pomnik.jpg

…Saving the lives of others they laid down their own lives. Hiding eight elder brothers in faith, they were killed with them. May their sacrifice be a call for respect and love to every human being! They were the sons and daughters of this land; they will remain in our hearts.[5]

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Calling German Nazi Concentration/Death Camps “Polish” is not an honest mistake nor a term only referring to location. This liable term was INTENTIONALLY INVENTED in 1956 by Agency 114 (see below) to mitigate Germany’s responsibility for the atrocities of World War II.

Poland never received a penny of reperations from Germany. Poland suffered the most of all countries in WWII, both in terms of lives lost (relative to total population) and in terms of material destruction. The most notorious GERMAN concentration camp – Auschwitz – was in its first year utilized solely to imprison ethnic Poles, many of whom were used in inhumane medical experiments by Dr. Mengele. Germany paid out less than $186 per person (oh, I’m not kidding you: about $185 dollars and 83 cents per person!) to one million  Polish citizens who, although often crippled for life, managed to survive the experiments. That’s the bulk of German compensation. 



According to historical research done outside of Poland, an estimated four million ethnic Poles risked their lives to save their Jewish compatriots. Think of this while noting that German occupied Poland was the only country where aid to Jews – any aid, such as a slice of bread across a ghetto wall – was punishable by death.  Entire Polish towns were burned down, with every villager, adult and child, exterminated by the Germans for harboring Jews.

Poland was a haven to Jews for centuries. Expelled from most of Europe, in the Polish Commonwealth, Jews had unprecedented legal rights and opportunities. Jews thrived in Poland for over 600 years, creating a rich cultural contribution that till this day is honored.  THAT is the reason why most German Natzi Camps are in Poland. They were build where the Jewish population was the largest and wealthiest. The Germans built them there for practical reasons. Poles were scheduled to be exterminated as well. The land was to be cleared for German colonists.

Poland was the only occupied country that never capitulated. The Polish government and army went underground, creating the largest resistence force in WWII. The Polish army had a special division called “Zegota” whose only purpose was to aid Jews. You’ve probably heard of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. How do you think the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto got their arms and explosives? “Zegota” secretly armed the ghetto for months. 

The few (relative to total population) disgusting Poles who collaborated with the Germans, for example by denouncing their Jewish neighbors, were tried in underground Polish courts. If found guilty, there was only one punishment. The Polish government had special death squads: Poles who sold Jews were often shot in the street; the last words they would hear were “In the name of the Polish Underground State, you are sentenced to death for treason.” Today in Poland, the crime of denouncing Jews during the war caries the sentence of life in prison.

[Interested in more facts? For starters, I recommend a book by Richard C. Lukas — The Forgotten Holocust: The Poles under German Occupation 1939-1944]

In Europe today, Poland is again considered one of the safest countries for Jews – way ahead of Germany, Belgium, France, and other so-called civilized societies whose statistics show an increase in antisemitic acts and speech.

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Most of all, please correct anyone calling Natzi German Camps the liable: “Polish.”

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