Miracle in Florida: One of the Greatest Artists in the World Regains Hearing after 50 Years of Deafness! 

Intellectual Properties- William Calvo-SculptorArtist

JUPITER, Fla., Sept. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — William Calvo, widely regarded as one of the greatest artists in the world, who has recently signed a multi-million dollar management agreement with Intellectual Properties International Holding Inc., stunned doctors last week when he could hear after being deaf since the age of two from an infection he got in a South American pool over 50 years ago. A new technology allowed him to hear perfectly.

There was not a dry eye at the Florida clinic as the new hearing aid was fitted, and through new technology frequencies were automatically transferred to ones that Master Sculptor William Calvo could hear for the first time. Overcome with emotion Calvo said he longs to hear the sounds of sanding and polishing his sculptures and to listen to music and every other ordinary sound we all take for granted. His first musical choice was the Eagles, which before was only a scratchy ting to him. 

William Calvo was the artist to the President of Columbia and came to Miami, mostly donating his art and sculptures to charities, a practice he will still continue.

His father and brother were also well known South American artists. He grew up in the same village as the famous Botello. His art immediately sells out at art galleries though most North Americans do not know his name. That is about to change. He was just signed by Intellectual Properties International Holding Inc. that will invest and develop him to the status in museums and galleries that he deserves in the US and worldwide. In addition to regaining his hearing, Calvo will offer later this year or early next year, works of art that contain gemstones which IPI expects will be appraised for and may sell for over a million dollars each. Calvo said, “I want to donate most of my income in appreciation of those in need.”

Lisa Pamintuan, president of IPI Holdings says, “The art world is about to be stunned as William Calvos’ unbelievable artwork merges with the latest in technology to unveil works of art that have never been seen before. This project was underway for months but the Miracle in Florida punctuates the excitement for all of us. Adding sound to his inspiration can only produce more masterpieces.”

Intellectual Properties International Holdings. Inc. is a worldwide leader in intellectual property. It holds assets in art, music copyrights, patents, trademarks and represents a number of well-known figures under its management. Its President, Lisa Pamintuan, is a former tennis player who played at Wimbledon, the US Open, was the youngest winner of the Irish Open and grew up at the home of legendary Hall of Fame tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. She was a serial entrepreneur in sales and marketing having served as an executive in retail and development organizations. Dr. Pamintuan was also President of New York College of Health Professions for over a decade.

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