Mint of Poland Issues Low Mintage Mona Lisa Coin for Andorra


The designs themselves replicate three masterpieces by da Vinci:

The Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world;

The iconic Vitruvian Man, which demonstrates the divine proportion (or golden mean); and

The genius’ only known Self-Portrait.

Da Vinci’s signature and dates of birth and death are also included.


As with the Mint’s previous release in the “Great Painters” series (the 2007 Vincent Van Gogh rectangular silver proof), it comes as a surprise to many collectors that they can get both sides, each with full color and a design worthy of the obverse, on a single coin! We continue to receive requests from clients who want to order “both of those coins”!  A very low mintage limit of only 15,000 further guarantees the desirability of this tour de force of the minter’s art.

The Mint of Poland is justifiably proud of its complete medallic design studio. This workshop’s expertise carries over to the coins struck at the Mint as well. Employing the same sculptors, designers and engravers who produce their medals, Mennica Polska’s coin designs execute a level of detail unsurpassed by other mints.

This artistry can be seen in the design of the Leonardo da Vinci tribute. Working in an essentially two dimensional medium, designer Witold Nazarkiewicz’s Mona Lisa is not just immediately recognizable, but indeed has never been so accurately rendered on a numismatic piece. The same degree of verisimilitude and minute level of detail can be seen in the well-muscled physique of the Vitruvian Man, as well as in the hairs of Leonardo’s own beard on his Self-Portrait.

Please see our web site for full coin specifications, descriptions and extensive background information and images for both the 2008 Leonardo da Vinci and the 2007 Vincent Van Gogh coins in the “Great Painters of the World” series:

The Leonardo da Vinci 10 Diners rectangular silver proof is available from Talisman World Coins and Medals, the official distributor for Mennica Polska in North America, for only $74.95. Standard shipping within the United States is only $5 per order.

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