Miami Filmmaker Oscar Corral publishes Primary Sins, a novel about the presidential primaries


Titled Primary Sins, the novel is about Michael Cervantes, a young reporter who is assigned to cover the primaries in New Hampshire and falls into danger when he discovers a leading candidate’s sexual secrets. The book launches in tandem with the 2016 presidential primaries. 

„This novel gets into the psychology of being a young reporter assigned to cover the primaries for months on end,” Corral said. „The campaign trail is a grueling but unique experience that can only be explained by someone who has lived it.”

Corral is the founder and CEO of Explica Media, a video and documentary production company. He has partnered with PBS on several projects, including the Emmy-Nominated The Crossfire Kids, Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood and Exotic Invaders: Pythons in the Everglades. His first novel, Keep Her Contained, is available on Amazon.

„I’ve never been able to shake my first love, writing,” Corral said. „I wanted to write a book about a reporter from Miami lost on the campaign trail, and shaped by the sink-or-swim environment. Most of the reporters there are young and inexperienced, but they hold tremendous sway over the fate of the candidates.”

Primary Sins can be purchased on