Local Small Business Owner Testifies in Support of Rep. Lipinski’s Manufacturing Bill


 Zach Mottl, a fourth-generation co-owner of Atlas Tool & Die Works in Lyons, testified in favor of U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski’s American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act, H.R. 2447, in front of the House Science Research & Technology Subcommittee this week. Lipinski’s bill is part of his ongoing effort to spur the creation of good-paying, middle-class manufacturing jobs. 

 “I appreciate hearing from Zach about the difficulties small manufacturing businesses are facing in America. I have visited the factory a number of times and have always been impressed with the work they are doing,” said Rep. Lipinski, the subcommittee’s ranking member. “Businesses such as Atlas Tool & Die are the backbone of our economy and of so many neighborhoods in the Third District. This bill is about setting aside politics and getting into place the policies that help American manufacturing, which is vital for middle-class job creation and our national security. Simply put, ‘Made in America’ equals American job growth and a strong economy.”

 For every manufacturing job created in America, an additional five spin-off jobs are created. Despite the economic advantages of supporting American manufacturing, the number of manufacturing jobs has been shrinking, from 20 million in 1979 to fewer than 12 million today. Rep. Lipinski’s American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act would bring the public and private sectors together to develop a national manufacturing strategy and a set of recommendations to revitalize this important sector of the economy.

 “As a business owner, I know planning is critical. That is the basic core of any good business model. Unfortunately, when an organization doesn’t operate with a plan, what occurs is a plan to fail,” Mottl told the subcommittee. “Right now the United States is operating with a plan to fail in the world economy when it comes to manufacturing. This is unacceptable for a global superpower. This bill will help develop a plan for success.”

 Atlas Tool & Die employs 80 workers and makes parts for products associated with defense, aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, medical supplies, and other industries. In his role as Chief Alignment Officer, Mottl works not only to meet the business needs of new and current customers, but he is engaged in outreach and development strategies that identify operational improvements.

 Previous versions of Rep. Lipinski’s bill have overwhelmingly passed the House with strong bipartisan support. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) is the current bill’s lead Republican cosponsor.