Mock Hurricane Drills & 50 Years Of Storm Prep Fully Prepares Senior Living Facility For Upcoming Hurricane Season

POMPANO BEACH, FL 05/2018 – Since their founding in 1967, the team at John Knox Village have had over 50 years’ worth of hurricane seasons to develop unparalleled procedures that best protect the health and welfare of their nearly 1,000 residents.

With some 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes anticipated for the 2018 season, JKV is prepared for whatever may head to their 70-acre Life Plan Retirement Community located in Pompano Beach.

From President & CEO Gerry Stryker down, their top priority is the safety and comfort of the community’s senior residents. 

Prior to hurricane season, standard protocol at JKV includes:


  • Resident preparation: Each resident at JKV is asked about specific plans in the event of a storm, and any needs that will require additional assistance. This is recorded by members of staff, and alterations are made throughout the season as plans and health conditions change.

  • Back-up electricity access: Those residents who have special needs for power can request for JKV’s strategic generator system to provide electricity access 24/7 (even if the main power in John Knox Village shuts off).

  • Relocation assistance: Residents who are determined to need increased monitoring are assigned to assisted living and nursing home areas that they will be moved to for the entire duration of the storm.  

  • Mock hurricane drills: A three-day mock hurricane drill is conducted in early May. Affectionately named Hurricane Gerry after JKV’s CEO Gerry Stryker, drills include assignments of specific tasks to members of staff, supply checks, resident location confirmation, and even completing a “dry run” of installing shutters throughout the 70-acre campus.

In the event a hurricane does hit Pompano Beach, the JKV team has 24-hour, around-the-clock, care from both nurses and staff. Unlike other retirement communities, John Knox’s Home Health Agency nurses continue to provide scheduled visits to residents in their homes throughout the storm.

One to three days before the storm is projected to arrive, resident relocations are confirmed, and residents are moved to other areas of campus (if requested). Broward Sherriff’s Office assigns deputies to the community, and staff members are assigned to security, nursing, housekeeping, maintenance and management. Desks are manned and calls for assistance and maintenance logged and assigned.

As witnessed after the devastation of Hurricane Irma last year, the JKV team is dedicated to making the safety and comfort of its residents a priority. JKV hopes to become a leader in standard procedure and protocol for retirement communities in the event of a storm.


About John Knox Village, Pompano Beach


Always innovative and forward-thinking, John Knox Village has long been the Life Plan Community of choice for those seeking a relaxed, upscale lifestyle in sunny South Florida. For over 50 years JKV has set the bar when it comes to delivering an all-inclusive resort lifestyle designed for living life to the fullest at each stage of retirement.

Today, John Knox Village continues to stay ahead of the curve by emphasizing fitness and overall well-being for each of their residents. Programming, amenities, and even dining continue to evolve in order to create happy, healthy, and successful lifestyles for residents. JKV knows what it takes to go above and beyond the retirement community standards– and they take pride in doing so.

Julie Melillo