Invitation from Chopin Brunch Salon #226


Margaret (Małgorzata, Gosha) Pospiech is a writer, filmmaker, translator and photographer born in Poland, and now based in New York. She obtained her Ph.D from Wroclaw University where she studied literature, film and art. She gained national recognition as a director and writer of a feature documentary about Arthur Penn, the famous American filmmaker. She has made several documentaries for Polish TV, like”A Generation”, which chronicles the plight of Polish people deported to Siberia by the Soviets and short documentaries about Polish artists. In addition she has compiled over 70 interviews on camera with veterans of WWII which are in the archives of the Polish Army Veteran’s Association in Manhattan and linked to the site of Peter Weir’s movie “The Way Back” (2010).

Over the past 20 years she has published more than 300 articles, essays, interviews and reviews for the top Polish magazines. She works also as translator and voice over for films. In her photography she gravitates towards landscapes of New York, and portraits. In her experimental films („Heat”, 2005) and video installations („Wasteland” 2006–2009, „Landscapes” 2008–2010) she creates internal landscapes. She had several exhibitions and screenings in New York. (

During Ms. Pospiech’s lecture she will discuss and sign her latest book, Miasteczko (details below) a 2015 nominee for Central Europe Literary Award „Angelus”. The Award is given to the best original or translated book from Central Europe published in Poland in the previous year. Among the 66 nominated authors are Elfride Jelinek (Nobel Prize winner); Chicago’s own Prof. Michal Pawel Markowski (Hejna Family Chair Polish Language & Literature, University of Illinois Chicago) and Victor Pelevin (Russian Booker Prize winner). The winner receives a check for $50,000.
Before the lecture it is our pleasure to present pianist Beatrix Roque Santana of Hungary.

The event is partially supported by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago.

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