– Look at a lamb on Easter Sunday to have good health and good luck. For good luck. take a walk on Easter Sunday.


– Give your friends an egg on Easter. It will bring them good luck.

-Like diamonds? Take an egg laid on Good Friday, keep it for a hundred years and it will turn into one.

– For good luck, rub yourself with a green leafy tree branch.

– If you have rheumatism, the knuckles from a sheep’s bone will take care of it for you.

– Hardened hot cross buns are excellent charms to protect your house from lightning.

– If you do not want to turn into a donkey, eat your green salad on Easter Sunday.

– Switch a friend. To help another have good luck, lash him or her with a green branch.

– Use a switch on young girls and women on Easter Sunday to assist them in having goodluck, good health and many babies.

– Splash water on your friends and loved ones. This will make them healthy and strong.

– For beautification, gather enough dew on Sunday with which to wash your face.

– Sprinkle your animals with water drawn from a spring during the Easter season. This will make them fertile and strong.

– Whooping-cough will be cured if you put the nude child in the wheat on Good Friday, and then put that wheat in the mill on the very same day. Also good for preventing that child from getting the whooping-cough.