Bill Clinton, former US President visits Chicago


Bill Clinton, former United States President came out to north suburban Evanston . He spoke a lot about the need to have more women in leadership positions around the United States.  He shared positive examples from N. Carolina where he met several women who are Mayors of large cities.  He spoke also about inequality in the world, the necessity to support many Americans to achieve their dreams.

Former President is still a very charismatic speaker, attracting large audiences.
I attended some events when President Clinton was still in Office as the President of the United States and after that when he spoke during different functions – and I have learned that he has always many great insights to share.

Dr. Zbigniew Pelczynski, who was former President Clinton academic advisor during his studies in Oxford,  shared with me that President Clinton as a student in late 1960s was writing great papers on international issues, demonstrating incredible skills and knowledge of complex domestic and international issues.
William Bill Clinton held different public functions during last four decades of his public service. He is obviously most known for serving as the President of the United States of America for two terms. 

 It is important to notice that Hon. Bill Clinton, as a representative of ‚retiring Baby Boomer’ generation is very active in helping people in the USA and around the world.  The Clinton  Foundation helps thousands of people around the world. 

Former President acknowledged that he as a Southerner has been coming to Chicago area where his wife, Secretary Clinton was born (Edgewater in Chicago) and raised (Park Ridge), to support her race for the United States Presidency.

 @ Andrew Mikolajczyk