“Beautiful Poland”- Art Contest

Beautiful Poland Contest

The winners are: (Grades 6-8) – 1st place Kathrin Kajderowicz, IL.; 2nd place Agatha Pawlikowski, MI.; 3rd place Anna Nowak, IL.; Honorable Mention Alexander Panek, IL. and (Grades 9-12) – 1st place Krysten Cooper, MI.; 2nd place Aleksandra Podowski, IL.; 3rd place Edyta Baczek, IL.; Honorable Mention Angelica Cygan, IL. An award for “Overall Artwork that Best Shows the Topic” went to Vsevolod Shchepanovskyy of Illinois. The PMA congratulates these artists and thanks them for participating.

The judges of this year’s contest were: Wanda Morgan-Wasikowski, Anna Mycek-Wodecki, Halina Misterska, Suzanne Etsch and Monika Nowak. The PMA would like to thank everyone for contributing their time to making the contest a success.

Contestants of Beautiful Poland
(L-R) Monika Nowak with winners Vsevolod Shchepanovskyy, Angelica Cygan, Consul General Zygmunt Matyniak, Alexandra Podowski, Anna Nowak and Kathrin Kajderowicz.

Contestants of Beautiful Poland 2
(L-R) PMA leaders with winners: Membership Chair Joann Ozog, Alexandra Podowski, Angelica Cygan, Vsevolod Shchepanovskyy, Anna Nowak, Kathrin Kajderowicz, PMA Chairman Wallace Ozog and Contest Chair Monika Nowak.

Kathryn G. Rosypal
Executive Editor

Narod Polski Newspaper