AASC American Association of Service Coordinators awarded our colleague with „2015 ADVOCACY AWARD”, on August 25, 2015.

 The Award presentation took place during the 2015 Annual Conference of American Association of Service Coordinators, August 23-26, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.

There were over 1,000 participants who attended the AASC Conference this year.  
2015 ADVOCACY AWARD was presented to Andrew Mikolajczyk „for exceptional advocacy efforts on behalf of service coordination and affordable housing with supportive services”

There were several other recipients of AASC awards in 2015:
Tara McDonald and Brandi Clough from Alabama.  They got Service Coordinator/Property Management Team of the Year Award

La Keisha Jackson, „Service Coordiantor of the Year, Family Award

– Danielle Sager, Service Coordinator of the Year, Elerly/Disabled Award Advocacy:

Andrew (Andrzej) Mikolajczyk, 2015 Advocacy Award

– Donna Griggs Murphy, 2015 Advocacy Award. She has been coordinating services for low-income older adults and non-elderly persons with disabilities in affordable housing.

AASC has been in existence for over two decades providing professional support and trainings for several thousands Service Coordinators across the United States who are coordinating services for thousands of low income Americans on daily basis. Janice Monks is AASC Founder and the Chief Executive Officer.

Andrew has been providing services for low income senior residents, disabled residents in the Chicago area for last seven years. There are also many immigrants who benefit from his and his co-workers  services. Similar services are provided across the United States by several thousands Services Coordinators. They work in government subsidized housing – which primary focus is to provide housing – and they coordinate different services onsite.

Judith Chavis, Vive President of the AASC during the Award ceremony said: ” Andrew (Andrzej Mikolajczyk has been a resident service coordinator for seven years. Since January 2014 he has ben a service coordinator at the Pines of Edgewater (POE) in Chicago.  

Andrew is an American by choice. He emigrated from his native Poland. He finds that it is easier for him to identify with the many challenges his older adult immigrant residents face because of his own background. He received his education in Poland, England and United States.

Andrew has been involved with many community issues in Chicago for last two decades, and it helps him to advocate for older adults and disabled individuals. He advocates for his residents during his regular work hours and attends different events in the evenings, during his weekends and his off hours frequently to address issues affecting older adults. He continues to network in the Chicago area with many community partners, elected officials in Chicago, Illinois, the state of Illinois and on the federal level on issues impacting low-income older adults, families and people with disabilities”.

The Award from the American Association of Service Coordinators has  been a great surprise for Andrew and he considers it a great honor.

We would like to congratulate Andrew and his colleagues for well deserved Awards. We wish them all the best in continuing service and advocating for low income Americans.

We as the Polish News have provided platform for publishing many articles, materials, announcements related to seniors issues, like recent the 2015 White House Conference on Aging,  80th Anniversary of Social Security, 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid and we plan to continue to serve Aging Americans readers.

@ Krystyna Teller,
Polish News, Editor-in-Chief