A Polish breakthrough in the field of 3D printing?

OVE are proud to announce a 3D breakthrough with the world’s first affordable professional full colour 3D printer powered by Memjet.

OVE’s knowhow and expertise developed the A4 printer, a fast, high quality 3D printer that prints at an affordable cost for professional users.

Tomek, Pluciennik, CEO of OVE said ‘We are in the final stages of commercialisation and excited about how professional and education customers will have access to affordable full colour 3D printer. At less than 10k Euros our system will cover a wide range of applications in industry, education, architecture, medicine, marketing, art’s & entertainment, and rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing.

OVE will take pre-orders during the FORMNEXT international additive manufacturing Conference and Exhibition 19-22nd November. Product shipments are schedule to commence in QII 2020.

Modular Design for Additive Manufacture

In addition to the fully integrated A4 3D printer, OVE have developed a unique OEM kit to enable other additive manufacture OEMs to simply integrate the 3D colour module, powered by Memjet into their systems.

Pluciennik states ‘We have a deep knowledge of the Memjet high speed single pass inkjet technology and the OEM kit will allow other additive manufacturers to integrate quickly and simply into their platform of choice and expand the market for affordable colour 3D printing’.

High Speed Color Module

One of the core components at the heart of the OVE 3D printer is the Color Module developed using printing technology from Memjet. Recognized as a leading provider of 2D printing technology, Memjet’s fast speed and wide coverage area means that 3D objects can be produced quickly and in high-quality color. Memjet-powered 3D printers create a more affordable printing solution, giving businesses a high quality yet cost-effective solution with affordable total cost of ownership.

3D Materials

FFF 3D printing is one of few technologies enabling multi-material 3D printing in one build. The A4 printer uniquely works with several types of thermoplastics capable of full-colour printing for robust and vivid colour printed output. OVE will continue to work with leading thermoplastics manufacturers and build on their extensive knowledge of the requirements for new materials to access new applications.

OVE 3D Software

The key advantage of OVE technology is the visual enrichment of 3D output, by applying colour. According to Pluciennik ‘There is lack of intuitive and easy to use 3D tools to prepare for colour 3D models. Our solution is to provide with the printing system, OVE software which enables users to easily add colours, by applying textures and add notations.

About OVE

OVE was founded to develop and commercialize the full colour FFF 3D printing technology, on which the founders are working since 2015th. We especially acknowledge the cooperation with strategic partners: Robert Sitnik Ph. D. of Warsaw Institute of Technology, and Memjet Ltd.

The company is based in Warsaw. For more information, please visit www.o-v-e.com

About Memjet

We approach the world of print from our partners’ perspectives: the challenges they face, the barriers they must overcome, and the contributions they make to the markets they serve. By thoughtfully combining innovation and imagination, Memjet produces exceptional printing technologies that enable OEMs to explore new opportunities, grow their businesses, and go to market faster.

Memjet maintains its corporate office in San Diego and has offices in Dublin, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore and Boise, Idaho. The company is privately held.