A Binary Choice on 3 November: MADE IN THE USA or made in China 

Robert John Zagar PhD MPH and Agata Karolina Zagar MBA 

On Saint Peter and Paul’s day, 2015, we had the pleasure to meet Donald J. Trump at Maggiano’s Restaurant in Chicago when he spoke before the Civic Club just before he announced his presidential candidacy. He signed his book for us taking a picture with us and received our lifelong research on violence prediction and prevention, which he read. Later he received the National Rifle Association endorsement for the presidential election because he spoke clearly about how violence whether directed inward (suicide) or outward (homicide) is a mental health issue, not a gun control challenge.                                                           Donald J. Trump came into politics not in the usual way but rather after a successful real estate development career in Manhattan New York City. Having been raised in Long Island and working since childhood with his father a contractor and real estate developer, he graduated first from a Long Island military high school, where he was captain of his baseball team, and later from Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia, where he learned finance and investment banking, crucial in his career reconstructing and remodeling Manhattan’s decaying infrastructure and aging skyscrapers. 

 Avowing a career in movie production he settled to become a reality television star with the “Apprentice.” His first and second wives are foreign-born models. His sons and daughters followed in his footsteps tutoring themselves in real estate development, finance, and investment banking. Combined Donald J. Trump, Jarred Kushner, his son in law and his daughter Ivanka Trump have a Forbes estimated net worth of $11,000,000,000. This is why all three have taken no salary donating their wages back to the United States government while they work tirelessly for the citizens of America. 


Donald J. Trump is the best friend to Poland rewarding her assistance to the American military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria by opening the first United States military bases in Poland and stationing tens of thousands of American troops there as a counterweight strategy to Russia’s takeover of Crimea during prior presidential terms. America and Poland have a long history of economic and military partnership that historically began with United States Brigadier General Taddeusz Kosciuszko in George Washington’s inner circle during the Revolutionary War, so Trump just continued this strong partnership.


When the current Polish president was up for re-election this spring, he was invited to the White House for a joint communique to the world announcing the gas pipeline underneath the Baltic Sea from Norway to Poland, the purchase of multibillion cubic foot American liquefied natural gas purchase, and the re-deployment of United States troops from Germany to Poland. Donald Trump confronted the European Union leaders to contribute more money to their mutual defense in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization quadrupling the finances. 


 SOURCE: https://religionunplugged.com/

In the Middle East, a concern to both the European Union and the United States, an American special forces general who rescued a royal family member soldier in dire straits was instrumental along with Jarred Kushner and Donald Trump in diplomatic relations between Israel, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Sudan, the first such peaceful breakthrough in many decades foreshadowing a more peaceful world stage. By imposing economic sanctions on Iran and withdrawing from prior treaties, Donald Trump realigned the Arab countries together with the EU, the US, and Israel. Other international accomplishments include de-escalating the North Korean conflict, confronting China on intellectual property theft, unfair trade policies, and currency manipulation, withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization, returning American troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and confronting the corrupt United Nations.                                                                               On the domestic front, confirming 3 U.S. Supreme court and over 200 federal appellate and district judges, deregulating tens of thousands of pages of federal regulations, passing the largest tax reduction that put an average $6,500 dollars in every taxpayer’s bank account, imposing tariffs on foreign products that were subsidized by their governments at below-market prices, renegotiating unfair trade deals that harmed middle class workers, reversing the offshoring of American jobs, incentivizing business to relocate and rebuild factories in the forty-eight states, opening the petroleum and natural gas industries to make America energy independent, re-energizing United States manufacturing, encouraging development in minority urban opportunity zones, funding historical black colleges, rebuilding and refunding the American military, improving the veteran hospital system, supporting the local, county, state and federal public safety organizations, reforming the justice system, closing the southern border and building the border wall have all resulted in the greatest economic boom in American history with increased employment numbers for all groups.

Clearly, the current pandemic was initiated by the Chinese Communist Party from a W-4 Virology Wuhan China laboratory with a virus whose genome was humanly modified to benefit China economically and militarily. Trump’s energizing the American business and government response to this challenge resulted in saving 2,000,000 American lives by closing the borders to China and the European Union early and getting the industrial and military organizations to coordinate production of drugs, protective equipment, ventilators, and mobile hospitals as well as coordinating help to all 50 governors.                                                 

In contrast, the opposing figures present a less favorable option of re-imposing the old order of offshoring jobs, reinstituting federal regulation, ending the petroleum and natural gas independence, increasing taxes on the individual taxpayer on average $6500 over the next four years, increasing taxes $100,000,000,000, sending both the stock market and the economy into a recession-depression, locking down the economy and schools, imposing draconian health regulations, imposing new environmental standards on travel and building, taking away Second Amendment rights to own firearms, packing the United States Supreme Court with political employees, admitting Washington District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as new states, dissolving the new trade agreements that favored American businesses and workers, opening the borders to unlimited immigration driving wages downward, and continuing to allow China to steal intellectual property, manipulate currency and take American jobs.

Americans have a simple choice on 3 November, United States sovereignty, or returning to the past military-industrial complex dominated life with a lower annual income and a diminishing future.   

          It is a binary choice between MADE IN THE USA or made in China. For five decades the Democrats and Republicans were making foreign agreements, while under the table enriching themselves and their families with favorable business deals. After working for the government for decades, the Biden, Clinton, Obama, and Bush families have hundreds of millions of dollars in their bank accounts, and multiple residences, while American jobs have been shipped overseas and American businesses have unfair and unbalanced trade challenges.  This betrayal of the American middle class was reversed for the past four years.  

Do we want more taxes? Do we want to lose equity in our investments?

Do we go backwards?  

Or do we continue to have a bright future after overcoming the plague?

Are we going to give our families something to look forward to?  

That is the choice on 3 November. 

Robert is a Northwestern University alumnus, economist, professor, psychologist, researcher, and statistician. His work saved 6404 lives and billions for the city of Chicago and Cook County in diverting 147,000 high-risk youth from violence with jobs, mentors, and anger management training since 2008 through today in the summer programs and release of nonviolent offenders allowing Preckwinkle to roll back the sales tax and Obama to free 6800 federal prisoners through commutation and pardon and the US Supreme Court to order resentencing of juveniles with life sentences and no parole to be resentenced. Trump reformed the justice system after reading Robert’s research. Robert’s 2019 paper is drawing interest from the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Special Forces, Justice, and Defense Departments. Robert’s dad was one of the original U.S. Navy Seals, serving behind enemy lines during WWII in the Sino American Cooperative Organization in China from 1943 to 1945S. His mother was a U.S. Navy Wave. Robert’s wife, Agata is an actress, banker, businesswoman, teacher, and triplet. Together Robert and Agata founded a nonprofit charity, the Society of the Friends of Radgoszcz, helping Malopolska. The Zagars live in Edgewater and are members of the Holy Name Cathedral Parish.