21st edition of the Master of Polish Language and Kuźnia Champions of Polish Language in Kielce

Nominees from the left: 
Marek Brzeziński, Edward Rzepka, Jerzy Kisielewski, Kama Kępczyńska-Kaleta, Agnieszka Kunikowska, Michał Wawrykiewic

In the evening of September 20th in the Kielce Cultural Center, the title of The Master of the Polish Language and Kuźnia Champions of Polish Language of the 21st edition of this plebiscite were chosen. Of the dozens of nominated people Jury composed of: Prof.: Jolanta Tambor, Marzena Marczewska, Halina Zadółkowa, Adam Bednarek, Bolesław Faron, and Marek Ziółkowski decided to grant equivalent titles of the Master of Polish Language to Agnieszka Kunikowska, a journalist of Polish Radio and Lector, a journalist and Publicist – Jerzy Kisielewski, and to Edward Rrzepka – a deputy and judge of the State Court. In the voting of the public vox populi, Kama Kaleta-Kępczyńska a translator of foreign languages won – representing the Świętokrzyski region. The award of “Wawrzyn of Polish Speech” received Marek Gaszyński – a long-term journalist and music presenter of Polish Radio, the author of popular songs (“Dream about Warsaw”) and books about music.

The winning establishments of the Forge of Polish Speech Masters from the left: Matusz Adamczyk, host of a language vlog on the YouTube channel (Vox Populi) and the Center for Education and Culture "Glass House" in Ciekoty (Tomasz Lato, Marzena Biskupska and Wojciech Purtak)

The Academy of Masters of the Polish Language, focusing on the winners of previous years, as every year, voted for a facility, having undisputed merits in nursing the best qualities of Polish language. The title of the Champions of the Masters of the Polish Language went to the “Glass House” Center and Cultures in Ciekoty, the online voters for Vox Populi chose Matusz Adamczyk, a leader of a language vlog for his contributions on his YouTube channel.

Anna Seniuk i Barbara Młynarska-Ahrens –The Golden Laurel of the MMP Academy

Special Distinction – the Golden Laurel of the Polish Masters Academy for an outstanding contribution to the promotion of Polish Language has been received by: Barbara Młynarska-Arhens and Tadeusz Deszkiewicz, who received the trophy earlier during the June awarding ceremony.

Barbara Młynarska-Arhens was given the prize by the former Master of Polish Language – Anna Seniuk, who said: “I have been to countless Polonia centres, and never before have I met with something like that club, which was created 35 years ago, which lasted until now, focusing on so many Poles living there (in Switzerland) permanently. Please do not let this brittle person with a smile of a house mistress fool you […], she is a strong, perfectly organised, professional, uncompromising, manager of her literary club… “.

Masters of the Polish Speech 2021: Agnieszka Kunikowska, Kama Kaleta-Kępczyńska (Vox Populi), Edward Rzepka, Jerzy Kisielewski

In the evening during the final ceremony in the Kielce Cultural Centre we could admire a mini recital of Katarzyna Lisowska. More information on www.mistrzmowy.pl