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Wisła Struggles with Champions League Preparations

By Steven Muller

Hopes are not high for Wisła Krakow ending Poland’s decade-long absence from football’s Champions League this season, with financing troubles and the departure of several key players crippling the club’s preparations for qualifying that starts within weeks.

Wisła have already seen centre-midfielder Dariusz Dudka leave for Auxerre in a 2.5 million euro deal earlier this summer. Striker Radosław Matusiak has also ended a spell on loan to the club and he is expected to be followed out by international centre-half Adam Kokoszka, who is set on finding a new club in Italy.

All that should have freed up some cash for Wisła – but they have fallen sadly short on three high-profile targets so far, making their only signing Slovak full-back Peter Šinglár.


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Business News

Price Worries Grow

By Steven Muller

Core inflation rose to 3.4 percent in June, data from the National Bank of Poland showed on Tuesday, adding to concerns that price growth may remain high this and next year despite signs the economy is slowing on the back of weaker growth in western Europe.

Headline inflation, which measures the change in prices paid in shops and for goods and services elsewhere, also rose faster than most analysts expected, to 4.6 percent last month. Popular concerns over prices are tempered by continuing double-digit growth of wages – but the national bank’s interest rate setting committee says that it may yet need to raise rates further in the next couple of months to make sure price growth slows in the months ahead. High wage growth increases consumer demand, which in turn tends to allow retailers to raise prices more.Wage data last week showed company wages rose 12 percent year-on-year in June to PLN 3,215.32 or EUR 960 per month, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) said in a report Tuesday.


Zbigniew Ziobro
Polska - Poland

Save Ziobro

By Steven Muller Opposition Law and Justice MPs brought parliament’s rules commission to a standstill this week in a protest against attempts to charge PiS former Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro with improperly distributing state secrets. […]

Irena Sendler
Stany Zjednoczone - USA

Pani Irena Sendler – Rezolucja Izby Reprezentantów

Irena Sendler Senator Barack Obama o polskiej bohaterce Pani Irenie Sendler

Senator Barack Obama, prawdopodobny kandydat Partii Demokratycznej do Białego Domu jest inicjatorem rezolucji Senatu USA upamiętniającej bohaterską Polkę Irenę Sendler.

Senator Obama zgłosił rezolucję w tej sprawie 29 lipca 2008 r.

“W czasie największej tragedii XX wieku, Irena Sendler poświęciła się dla ratowania tysięcy dzieci przed tragicznym przeznaczeniem, w obliczu którego stanęli polscy Żydzi” – powiedział Senator Obama. „Miłowała ludzką godność, utożsamiała bezinteresowność, inspirowała nadzieję” – podkreślił Senator. Wskazał on, że w ciągu całego życia Pani Irena Sendler była podziwiana za nadzwyczajną odwagę i niezłomną postawę.


The Polish Museum of America

The 28th Annual Summer Ball of the Polish Museum of America

The Polish Museum of America

Chicago, IL – The 28th Annual Summer Ball of the Polish Museum of America was held on June 20, 2008 at the Wyndham O’Hare Hotel Ballroom in Rosemont, IL. This is the Museum’s main fundraiser of the year, which included a Silent Auction as well as several raffles.

The Ballroom was an array of color with white cloth-covered chairs tied with red bows and  tables beautifully decorated with Polish-themed centerpieces of wild poppies with sheaves of wheat.

The Silent Auction and reception began at 6:30 pm. Jenny Crissey was Chair-person of the Silent Auction, which offered an assortment of jewelry, paintings, tickets to sporting events, resorts and restaurants and themed baskets of goodies.

Hot appetizers were served during the reception and the Pulaski Investment Corporation sponsored a Sobieski Vodka Tasting all evening.


Darwin, Australia, 24 lipiec 2008

Żeglarski projekt Nataszy Caban

[caption id="attachment_26806" align="alignnone" width="600"]Darwin, Australia, 24 lipiec 2008 Darwin, Australia, 24 lipiec 2008 [/caption]

Szanowni Państwo,

Nazywam się Natasza Caban, mam 31 lat i pochodzę z Ustki. Na bałtyckim wybrzeżu zdobyłam swoje wykształcenie oraz pierwsze żeglarskie doświadczenia. Swe dorosłe życie dedykuję żeglarstwu i morzu, które są dla mnie pasją, a rzymska sentencja navigare necesse est jest moim życiowym mottem. Od lipca zeszłego roku realizuję swoje największe marzenie – samotnie opływam świat dookoła i jeśli latem 2009 roku powrócę na Hawaje skąd wypłynęłam, mam szansę pozostać najmłodszą Polką, która tego dokona.


Ukrainian map
Świat - World

The Asian Card in Ukrainian History

by: Dmitry Shlapentokh

Ukrainian mapUkraine’s desire to join NATO and redefine its relationship with Russia has led to a dramatic reshaping of the Ukrainian past. Whereas Russia has usually emphasized the importance of 1 Pereiaslavska Rada (1654), which marked the Ukraine union/or absorption into the empire of the tsar, the present Ukrainian elite puts forward the battle of Konotop (1659), in which Ukrainian forces decimated the Russian army. This event will be celebrated in 2009 with great pomp, rivaling the celebration of Pereiaslavskai Rada in 1954, and is designed to demonstrate that the Ukraine/Russia relationship is not as amiable as most Russian historians claim. The planned celebration has led to sharp public response from Russian authorities. On the surface, this displeasure can be easily understood: Russian authorities see in it the historical backdrop for Ukraine’s increasing hostility to Russia. But it is not just that: one of the reasons for the sharp response is the Muslim ingredient in the event. Ukrainian officials emphasize the important Tatar role in the battle, and the alliance between Ukrainians and Tatars.


Seal of the State of Illinois

Illinois begins Unemployment Insurance benefits extension with more than $20 M in payments

Seal of the State of IllinoisCHICAGO – Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today announced that the Illinois Department of Employment Security has made initial payments to more than half of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC 08) benefits applicants.  In the first two weeks of the program, IDES processed 62,583 claims for EUC 08 coverage, out of which 32,284 claimants have begun receiving benefits.  Thus far, IDES has made payments totaling $21,701,148.36 to statewide EUC benefits recipients.  On July 1, the Governor signed an agreement to allow the state to implement a federal extension of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits by up to 13 weeks, paving the way for the extension to take effect on July 6, 2008, the earliest possible date.


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Roots of Corruption

By Richard N. Baldwin T./ A friend of mine where I work tells a joke about Mexican corruption: “Did you hear that Mexico is now the second most corrupt country in the world?” Response: “That’s […]

Roman Pawlak

Polak profesorem dietetyki na Uniwersytecie w Północnej Karolinie

Roman Pawlak Roman Pawlak jest profesorm dietetyki na uniwersytecie East Carolina University. Prowadzi badania w zakresie odżywiania. Jest uznanym ekspertem w amerykańskcih środowiskach naukowych. Prowadził wykłady w Polsce, Kanadzie, Stanach Zjednoczonych. Niedawno przebywał w Ameryce Południowej, gdzie dzielił się swoją wiedzą naukową.

Wraz ze wzrostem zachorowań na choroby cywilizacyjne i wzrostem cen żywnosci, sprawy dietetyki i odżywiania cieszą się coraz wiekszym zainteresowaniem amerykańskiego społeczeństwa. Oto krótki wywiad, jaki udało mi się przeprowadzić z profesorem Pawlakiem.

Czym zajmuje się Pan na Uniwersytecie?  

– Pracuje na uniwersytecie, który nosi nazwę „ East Carolina University”. Jest to uniwersytet stanowy, gdzie studjuje około 25,000 studentów. Uczę zasad odżywiania i dietetyki.