100th Birthday – Ambasador Ed Rowny


Ambassador Edward (Ed) Rowny celebrates 100th Birthday on April 3, 2017. He has made many accomplishments for the United States, for the global community and for the Polish Americans. He is an inspiration to many people. He is my mentor and friend for last two decades.

@ Photo courtesy: poles.org President Ronald Reagan talking with Ambassador Edward Rowny at the White House, 1982

He worked for five US Presidents: R. Nixon, G. Ford, J. Carter, R. Reagan and George W. Bush Sr.

(Photo Courtesy: poles.org) President George W. Bush enjoys conversation with Ambassador Edward Rowny at the White House in 1989.

Lieutenant General Edward L. Rowny, is a retired Ambassador and U.S. Army General. The author of “It Takes One to Tango,” he was a chief U.S. negotiator in arms reduction talks with the Soviet Union. The citation from his Presidential Citizen’s Medal, which he received in 1989 from President Ronald Reagan reads: “one of the principal architects of peace through strength policy.”

Ambassador Edward Rowny has received numerous awards for valor and achievement including combat in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

He is an inspiration for younger generations of Americans.

I would like to bring to your attention his Op-Ed published in “The Hill” entitled: “Why a Polish pianist is a model for today’s youth”.

Amb. Ed Rowny with Kosciuszko Cadets from West Point. Ed Rowny graduated from West Point in 1941. Photo taken at Yale in Dec., 2014 Photo by @ A. Mikolajczyk

Ambassador Ed Rowny speaking at the Conference at Yale, Dec, 2014. He has incredible memory, speaks without notes. He is an inspiration to many people. He is my mentor and friend for last two decades.

Mrs. Wilcox wrote this book “West Point 41”. One of the graduates in 1941 was Ambassador Ed Rowny.— at Yale University.

West Point ’41 Anne Kazel-Wilcox, PJ Wilcox, and Lieutenant General Edward L. Rowny talked about their book West Point ’41: The Class That Went to War and…

This interview was held at the 37th Annual National Press Club Book Fair and Authors’ Night, a fundraiser held by the National Press Club Journalism Institute. It was held November 18, 2014, in the National Press Club ballroom.

Please go to YouTube station to see Amb. Ed Rowny interview on Overcoming Disability

SuperAging – Research at NU


Happy Birthday Ambassador Rowny! Thank you for your contributions.

You have been an inspiration to many people. Keep up good work.

@ Andrew (Andrzej) Mikolajczyk