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You are here: Home Wiadomości~News Chicago OBAMA ABANDONS MISSILE DEFENSE FOR POLAND


Makes Controversial Move on the 70th Anniversary of Soviet Invasion of Poland



Illinois – A controversial move by President Barack Obama has Eastern European states, notably Poland, questioning America’s commitment to stand by them. In a poorly timed statement, Obama announces an end to the missile defense shield plan, initiated by the Bush Administration, on the 70th Anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. For the global Polish population, the timing of this announcement is particularly insensitive, with many of them seeing this as a “stab in the back”.

Adam Andrzejewski, Republican candidate for Governor whose grandparents emigrated from Poland, weighs in on the decision; “Not only are we leaving an ally in the lurch, we left them hanging on the 70th Anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. That’s like releasing an Al Qaeda terrorist on 9-11, and it’s a profound insult to all Poles.”

Illinois, home to the second-largest Polish population outside Warsaw, also produced politicians like Barack Obama and many of his subordinates.
They preside over an administration so weak on foreign policy that they would ignore the invaluable commitment of Polish blood and treasure in the global fight against terrorism and seriously jeopardize our hard-won alliance, even as the Polish have stood by us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Andrzejewski is a reformer dedicated to bringing transparency, jobs, and good government to Illinois. His conservative values, dedication to family, and commitment to character and integrity parallels the vast majority of the polish community. He will bring these values to Illinois government.